Episode 121 – Shoop

It’s Tattoo Eve as Anne braces herself for her first visit to a tattoo parlor, and so Bill celebrates by gently poking holes in Captain America 2′s ridiculousness. Also, Anne gushes about Portland’s new indie comics convention, Linework NW and not-so-gushes about Gina Carano’s latest flick, In The Blood.

In the Geek Week In Review: Mickey Rooney is dead! The Ultimate Warrior is dead! Stephen Colbert is dead! Captain Janeway got tricked! Bill was right about the Last of US PS4 port! Aaaand Savage Steve Holland is coming back!

  • Intro: Shoop – Salt n’ Pepa
  • Break: Good Mornin’ – Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland
  • Outro: Everybody Wants Some – Van Halen

Episode 120 – Mary Lou SteamBurger



This we’re joined by listener Jacob (A.K.A. I Hate DRM) to talk about Back to the Future marathons, Shadowrun Dragonfall, Infamous: Second Son, The Silence of the Lambs, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Noah, Saga volume 3, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge and the new Stripped documentary.

In the Geek Week In Review: The $600 Japan-only Miyazaki Blu-Ray box set, the failed Game_Jam reality show, Amy Hennig’s Star Wars game, How I Met Your Mother’s ascension to the ranks of beloved TV shows with hated series finales and the 50th pre-anniversary of mankind’s first contact with aliens.

  • Intro: The Diner – Alan Silvestri
  • Break: The Goonies II (World 1) – Cyndi Lauper (by way of some poor schmuck at Konami)
  • Outro: Happy Birthday – Atom & His Package


Episode 119 – Muppet Mouth



This week we’re joined by listeners Brian and Yesenia to talk about touring Portland, Thor 2, Infamous: Second Son, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge and Emerald City ComiCon.

In the Geek Week News In Review: Fancasting the inevitable Indiana Jones reboot, what’s going on at Naughty Dog, Peter Mayhew’s potential return to the galaxy far, far away, the TMNT trailer and the discovery of Osamu Tezuka’s sexy mice!

  • Intro: All Aboard! – Jack Wagner
  • Break: Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye – John Williams
  • Outro: It’s a Small World After All – ALL OF EARF’S CHILDREN

Episode 118 – (G)osh (D)arnit, (C)onley




This week we’re joined by friend-of-the-podcast (and co-host of the LadyLike Podcast) Conley Smith (who can be seen at the 18-minute mark in the Youtube video above), who gives us a first-hand account of GDC 2014 and chats with Bill about The Clone Wars cartoon while Anne stares at a wall.

In the Geek Week In Review: Assassin’s Creed: Unity, the CGI Peanuts cartoon and USC’s experimental game that allows players to relive Henry David Thoreau’s two years at Walden Pond.

  • Intro: Charlie Brown’s Theme – Vince Guaraldi
  • Break: Surfin’ Snoopy – Vince Guaraldi
  • Outro: Oh, Good Grief! – Vince Guaraldi and Bill Melendez

Episode 117 – We Used To Be Friends


The Elder Scrolls Online beta has sunk its claws into Anne, leaving her with only the Veronica Mars movie and Ernest & Celestine (from the creators of A Town Called Panic!) to chat about, while Bill tapdances around spoilers for the True Detective finale and yaks about The Clone Wars CGI cartoon, Dark Souls II, Titanfall, and building Star Wars models.

In the Geek Week In Review: This week’s temporary collapse of HBO Go and Xbox Live, the demise of Namco High, comic book convention penalty cards, the death of Captain Video and J.K. Rowling’s essay about the history of The Quidditch World Cup.

And be sure to stay after the outro for the introduction of our newest segment, BOY HOWDY AFTER DARK (starring Mac Tonight!)

  • Intro: We Used To Be Friends – The Dandy Warhols
  • Break: The Clone Wars (theme)  - John Williams & Kevin Kiner
  • Outro: Angry River – T. Bone Burnett & The Hat


Episode 116 – Gillian Anderson’s Nose


Bill spices things up with a copy of The Sounds of Star Wars while Anne gushes over Gillian Anderson, Hannibal and The Man Who Would Be King. Also on this week’s menu: South Park: The Stick of Truth and the joy of building models.

In the Geek Week in Review: the sudden departure of Uncharted creator Amy Hennig from Naughty Dog, the announcement of The Last of Us movie, Polygon’s piece about the collapse of Irrational Games and the Wes Anderson soundtrack box set.

  • Intro: Kick the Baby/Pokerface – Kyle, Ike and Cartman
  • Break: The Man Who Would Be King (Theme) – Maurice Jarre
  • Outro: The Fairest of the Seasons – Nico

Episode 115 – MardiGroscars



Friend-of-the-podcast Daniel Rutis (a.k.a. GrumpyTurtle) joins us this week to talk about The Lego Movie,  Oreos + milk, the Elder Scrolls Online beta, Bravely Default, Uzbekistani food and To the Moon.

In the Geek Week In Review: The death of Harold Ramis, Star Wars’ goofy new bad guy, Fable 3′s “trainwreck” status, Ben & Jerry’s new patent, when Kickstarters go horribly bad, Disney gangs, and 2014′s most important game: Dog Sled Saga.

  • Intro: Everything Is Awesome!!! – Jo Li
  • Break: Ghostbusters Theme – Elmer Bernstein
  • Outro: Dancin’ ‘Cross the U.S.A – Lindsey Buckingham