Episode 155 – Dragonball Z Rosemary Clooney


Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah, everyone! To celebrate, we’ve got a big Legend of Korra finale spoilercast this week (the Korra talk starts at the 1hr 13min mark), but before that we chat about more Far Cry 4, Dragon Age’s multiplayer mode and hunting for blind bag LEGO minifigures.

In the Geek Week in Review: Ellen Page = Han Solo, Telltale’s Minecraft game (and Notch’s new candy mansion) and the dawning age of practical superheroine outfits.

  • Intro: Christmas is Love – James Brown
  • 1st Break: Backdoor Santa – Clarence Carter
  • 2nd Break: I Left My Heart in Republic City – Jeremy Zuckerman
  • Outro: Korra finale music – Jeremy Zukerman

Star Wars (Spoilercast) – Episode 3



Now that we’re exactly one year out from the release of The Force Awakens (and since so much has happened since we last posted a Star Wars spoilercast back in May), friends of the podcast Mike Russell, Conley Smith and Jimmy Presler sat down with Bill to chat about the past year in Star Wars news.

In particular, we talk about the TFA teaser trailer, a bunch of random rumored spoilers from throughout the year, the Topps character name reveal, our disappointment with Star Wars Rebels and lots of random thoughts about Star Wars in general.

Episode 154 – Chocolate Diamonds


This week we take a break from riding elephants and barfing up phlegm to talk about Far Cry 4, western-themed Fry’s electronics stores, Swiss Colony treats, the new Destiny DLC, the gay dating sim Coming Out On Top, Masterchef Junior,  Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “Lower Decks” and the penultimate episode of The Legend of Korra.

In the Geek Week In Review: The Topps card Star Wars character name reveal, the Mad Max trailer, the big Sony leak, Ridley Scott’s decline into cynical obsolescence, Fox’s botched attempt to create a widescreen version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the death of NBC’s Thursday night comedy block.

  • Intro: We Don’t Need Another Hero (instrumental) – Maurice Jarre and Tina Turner
  • Break: It’s NOT A Cookie – Kermit and Cookie Monster
  • Outro: The Bombay Twist – The Bombay Royale

Episode 153 – Taco Ma


After a brief hiatus, Bill’s back to talk with Anne about birthday stuff, The Legends of the Fall, Teen Titans Go!, Fantasy Life, 80 Days and a bit more Dragon Age: Inquisition (not much spoiler talk, though, since Bill is “only” 20 hours into the game.)

In the Geek Week News in Review: The Video Game Awards and Playstation Experience, SPECTRE, out-of-print Amiibo figures, the state of the next Star Trek movie, Disney’s plans for a new live-action Robin Hood film, and the death of the inventor of console gaming, Ralph Baer.

  • Intro: Teen Titans Go! – Puffy AmiYumi
  • Break: Tacoma – Chris Remo
  • Outro: Where You Lead – Carole King and Louise Goffin

Episode 152 – Billlessness

This week, for the first time ever, the Boy Howdy Podcast is without a Bill. Anne needs not only her wife Foley but also friends of the podcast Jimmy and Conley to fill the Billless void.

We discuss Thanksgiving, International Foley Day, and the fact that we can now officially get excited about Christmas.. At the back end of the podcast, we make time for some pre-endgame Dragon Age: Inquisition.

How wrong does it feel to talk about the first Star Wars trailer without Bill? Do you feel as dirty as I do?

  • Intro: The 5th Dimensions – Wedding Bell Blues
  • First break: Meco – Star Wars Theme
  • Second break: Dragon Age Inquisition – Sera Never Was
  • Outro: Marvelettes – Don’t Mess With Bill

Episode 151 – If Krem Has Kids Are They Called Kremlings?



This week, we’ve managed to tear ourselves away from Dragon Age: Inquisition long enough to have a spoilerchat about the game (starting at the 1 hr 6 minute-mark), but before that we talk about the donut situation in Portland, Kat Dennings in The Newsroom, and the mess that is The MasterChief Collection.

In the Geek Week News In Review: The Video Game Award nominees, Ron Gilbert’s new Kickstarter, Barbie’s “I Can Be A Computer Engineer” book, the leaked Ghostbusters III script, Elsa merchandise outselling Anna’s 2-to-1, and the announcement of the Lego Detective’s Office (complete with cookie-bootlegers!)

  • Intro: The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show – Hormel and Spam
  • 1st Break: Super Bass – Stephen Heintz and Nicki Minaj
  • 2nd Break: Dragon Age: Inquisition (Main Title) – Trevor Morris
  • Outro: Song of the Inquisition – Trevor Morris and The Inquisition

Episode 150 – You Can’t Arrest Me, I’m the Cake Boss!

Hello fellows, have you heard the good word about Boy Howdy? It’s back this week to yell at you about Interstellar, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Halo: The Masterchieg Glibblbrix, Mario Kart 8 DLC, Chopped/Cupcake Wars/Masterchef Junior, Chelsea Peretti’s Netflix special and this year’s not-terrible Doctor Who finale!

Also, in the kingdom of heaven that is this week’s podcast, you’ll hear about how humanity landed a washing machine-sized robot on a comet, Christoph Waltz in the next Bond film, the antics of the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area’s greatest criminal mind: The Cake Boss, the winding down of GamerGate, and the deaths of Battlestar Galactica creator Glen Larson and the guy who invented Choose Your Own Adventure Books, R.A. Montgomery.

  • Intro: Halo 2 (Prologue) – Marty O’Donnell & Co.
  • Break: Memories of France – T. Texas Tyler
  • Outro: Day One – Hans Zimmer