Episode 185 – Beef Healing


Break out the baby oil and wiffleball bats – Anne’s here to dish about how Magic Mike XXL blows 50 Shades of Grey out of the water, while Bill shrugs about the documentaries The Death of Superman Lives and An Honest Liar. Also: Hannibal’s descent into Red Dragon territory, the Mission Log podcast, Marian Churchland’s Beast, the 2015 Guide to Disneyland and how the toxic parts of the Steven Universe fandom is driving some would-be viewers away.

In The Geek Week News In Review: Kepler-452b, the WWF refusing to protect the racist wildlife that is Hulk Hogan, how the success of the LEGO Movie made the Minecraft and Emoji movies possible, Chris Columbus stumping for work and how nostalgia for old games isn’t always as much about the games themselves as much as the time and place in your life in which you first encountered them.

  • Intro: Pony – Ginuwine
  • Break: Real American – Rick Derringer
  • Outro: Yoshi’s House – DJ Cutman

Episode 184 – Pile-On Pearl

Anne’s back with a bunch of Vertigo hate while Bill gushes about Citizen Kane – we’re a real Siskel & Ebert this week, folks. Also on the menu: Go Set A Watchmen and To Kill A Mockingbird, Steven Universe, The Ox-Bow Incident, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the (sometimes) ball-crushing works of manga artist Gengoroh Tagame (as published by Massive).

In The Geek Week News In Review: RIP Satoru Iwata, F.W. Murnau’s stolen head, the live-action Aladdin prequel nobody asked for, Disneyland Shanghai, Star Wars Little Golden Books, the purple people-eater that is Apocalypse and Jamie Lee Curtis’s (secret!) appearance at EVO.

  • Intro: Prelude and Rooftop (Vertigo) – Bernard Hermann
  • Break: Sardonyx – Aivi Tran & Steven “Surasshu” Velema
  • Outro: Balloon Trip (Smash Bros. Wii U Remix) – Hip Tanaka & Co.

Star Wars (Episode 5) – Bobby Strikes Back

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We’re back with another Boy Howdy Star Wars special, and this week we’re joined by the usual BH Star Wars crew: Bobby Roberts, Conley Smith, Mike Russell, Jimmy Presler, and Leland Radburn.

This time out we’re mostly talking about the 2015 San Diego Comicon panel and behind-the-scenes trailer and the Phil Lord & Chris Miller Han Solo movie announcement. Also: a weird amount of Star Trek talk, Conley’s upcoming rewatch of all the current canonical Star Wars material (and her Clone Wars episode guide), Bobby’s Full of Sith spoilercast where he pieced together most of the The Force Awakens’ story (though don’t worry, we don’t actually talk about any spoilers), and Francois Truffaut’s secret cinematic history.

  • Intro: The Moisture Farm – John Williams
  • Outro: The Asteroid Field – John Williams

Episode 183 – No, Seriously, Try To Use That Coupon Code



This week, we’re talking about the last Studio Ghibli film, When Marnie Was There, Amazon’s Catastrophe, The Magic Circle, Sunset Overdrive, “The Money“, Hatoful Boyfriend body pillows and ask listeners about who the most fuckable Disney princes may be.

In the Geek Week news In Review: The death of a Gaston, the full reveal of the new Ghostbusters crew (in costume!), the Eiji Tsuburaya Google Doodle, the ‘signature edition’ of The Iron Giant, the Eisner Award winners and a whole bunch more SDCC news.

  • Intro: Bustin’ – Neil Cicierega
  • Break: I’ll Make A Man Out Of You – Donny Freakin’ Osmond?
  • Outro: Fine On The Outside – Priscilla Ahn

Episode 182 – Honeycomb Hideout

This week: Bill’s mind is blown by breakfast cereal and Anne is amazed that it took Hannibal 3 seasons to start making oral sex jokes. Also: Her Story, What We Do In The Shadows, Batman: Arkham Knight (spoilers at the 36-minute mark!), Starfighter Eclipse, Teen Wolf, Orange is the New Black and StevenBomb 2.

In The Geek Week News In Review: The return of Tokyopop, the shady dealings of Arthur Suydam, WebcomicsNation RIP, the Sky Captain guy’s John Carter of Mars pitch reel and Nolan North’s confirmation of the existence of The Last of Us 2 and Amy Hennig’s Uncharted-style Star Wars game.

  • Intro: The Avengers (theme) – John Dankworth
  • Break: Honeycomb – It’s Got A Big, Big Taste
  • Outro: You’re Dead – Norma Tanega

Episode 181 – Inside Ugh



Anne’s back from the wedding chapel to talk about how Inside Out drove her nuts while Hannibal seems like comfort food, and Bill waits for Batman: Arkham Knight to get better. Also, we flip through this fall’s release calendar for games, chat about Fallout Shelter and Bill dishes about the new making-of Back to the Future book, We Don’t Need Roads.

In The Geek Week News In Review: the legalization of same sex marriages becoming legal (both for the U.S. federal government and for the next Fire Emblem game), the next live-action Peter Parker, RIP James Horner, Toshiro Mifune’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Bungie setting fire to what little goodwill remains for Destiny, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and Fire‘s prediction that Ice will return.

  • Intro: Married Life (Up) – Michael Giacchino
  • Break: Grand Dark Feeling of Emptiness – Will Oldham
  • Outro: Futile Escape (Aliens) – James Howard

Episode 180 – 2015 E3 Spectacular


So, yeah, turns out that inviting Leland Radburn to sit in for Anne this week to talk about Inside Out, the return of Steven Universe, The Amazing World of Gumball, Fallout Shelter, A Pox on Mogturmen, Ferris Bueller, The Goonies (and its fantastic novelization) and labin’ out resulted in a podcast that is not unlike a lengthy trek to Mordor, but we guarantee that – not unlike Sam and Frodo’s journey into that heart of darkness – you too, dear listeners, will also be rewarded with treasures beyond mortal reckoning.

In our 2015 E3 recap (starting exactly at the 2-hour mark): The Nintendo World Championships and the glory that is Super Mario Maker, Dishonored 2, Recore, Xbox One mods for Fallout 4, Rare Replay, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, Star Wars Battlefront, The Last Guardian, Horizon: Zero Dawn, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Dreams, the Final Fantasy VII remake, Shenmue 3, what’s up with Iwata?, The Mega Man Legacy Collection, Animal Crossing Amiibos, Crossing Souls and the relative bumper crop of games on the horizon featuring playable lady heroes.

  • Intro: The Amazing World of Gumball (theme) – Ben Locket
  • 1st Break: Stalling Self-Parody: Music From Porky’s Revue – Carl Stalling
  • 2nd Break: Super Mario Maker (theme) – Koji Kondo (sorta?)
  • Outro: The Goonies (end credits) – Dave Grusin