Episode 224 – Uncharted 4 Spoilercast

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End™_20160520010201

Bill’s finally finished Uncharted 4, so this means a big spoilercast about the game starting at the 1 hour & 20 minute mark in this episode!

But before that, we’re talking about Maria Bamford’s Lady Dynamite, Hail Caesar!, Grace & Frankie, the “black nerd” comedy Dope, the Italian fairytale flick Tale of Tales and the Linework NW indie comics convention.

In The Geek Week News In Review: The guy who made Foodfight! somehow swindled Chinese investors into giving him $80 million to made a trilogy of Tetris movies, trailers for both the new Star Trek series and new Star Trek film, some drunk guys snuck onto the Millennium Falcon, the rumor that Daniel Craig has turned down $100 to return as James Bond, RIP Scrooge McDuck and the introduction of Pepsi Strong.

  • Intro: A Thief’s End (Uncharted 4) – Henry Jackman
  • Break: Entertainment Tonight (Theme) – Michael Mark
  • 2nd Break: Nate’s Theme 4.0 – Henry Jackman
  • Outro: More Nate’s Theme 4.0 – Henry Jackman

Episode 223 – Muppet West Wing

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 4.39.02 PM

Bill’s only halfway through Uncharted 4, so this week we have a bit of a spoilercast for the first half of the game (up until chapter 12), and then Bill dishes about Captain America: Civil War and the gays in Star Wars: Bloodline. And then Foley comes up with the best idea for a Muppet show that we’ve ever heard!

In The Geek Week News In Review: RIP the last living actor from Casablanca, RIP Disney Infinity, the new Voltron trailer, Reese’s Pieces-stuffed Reese’s Cups, Eurogamer’s piece about Lionhead/Fable, Frankie McDonald braves an apple pie storm, and this week’s debut of Maria Bamford’s Lady Dynamite.

  • Intro: The West Wing (theme) – W.G. Snuffy Walden
  • Break: It Had To Be You – Dooley Wilson
  • Outro: Magic Store (The Muppet Movie finale) – Paul Williams & Jim Henson

Episode 222 – McDonald’s Breakfast

Tuvalu Women of Star Trek postage stamps

Anne and Foley surprise Bill with their early (and non-spoilery) impressions about Uncharted 4 while Bill dishes about Overwatch, Star Wars: Bloodline, Back to the Future (in concert) and the latest developments in Game of Thrones.

In The Geek Week News In Review: Dishonored 2 details, the Battlefield 1 reveal, Nintendo + Vans = nerd sneakers, The Flight of the Navigator, Hail Caesar = Han Solo and Tuvalu’s line of Women of Star Trek stamps.

  • Intro: Ronald McDonald in Dreamy Breakfast – a bunch of 80s marketers
  • Break: Oh, How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning – Arthur Fields
  • Outro: Hill Valley (Back to the Future) – Alan Silvestri

Episode 221 – Next Sunday, A.D.

This week we’re joined by a pair of ‘bots as we talk about Deadpool, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Beyonce’s Lemonade, revisiting early Parks & Recreation, Tom Hardy’s Legend and Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid.

In The Geek Week News In Review: Disney’s ridiculous slate of new live-action remakes of their animated films, Chelsea Peretti & Jordan Peele eloped, the death of Dreamworks Animation, the official resurrection of Ecto-Cooler, the world’s coolest Lego Star Destroyer and the return of Jeff Smith’s Bone.

  • Intro: Freedom – Beyonce
  • Break: MST3K break music – Charlie Erickson, Joel Hodgeson & Josh Weinstein
  • Outro: Freebird – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Episode 220 – Hot Sauce In My Pocket (Pokesauce?)


We’re taking a break from sipping Beyonce’s Lemonade to talk about the bland awfulness that is Star Fox Zero, the mid-season Vikings finale, Anne’s visit to a lumberjack circus, the Richard Moll films Evilspeak and The Sword & The Sorcerer, Enter the Gungeon, Invisible Inc., the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst ‘beta’ and Dark Souls III.

In The Geek Week News In Review: the Disney animation setup that sold for $6000 on eBay, the PS4 Neo specs, Ken Levine’s interactive Twilight Zone…thing, RIP Chyna and Prince, and one of Bill’s favorite childhood museum displays is due for its moment in the spotlight.

  • Intro: Partyman – Prince
  • Break: The Lumberjack Song – Michael Palin & the Python crew
  • Outro: Formation – Bey

Episode 219 – Hamilton’s Ghost


This week, Anne and Bill are joined by the ghost of Alexander Hamilton, who sits in to give his opinion about the musical based on his life, the BOOK about the musical about his life, and Anne’s dreams about political upheaval + sexy badgers. Also this week: the (great) new Ratchet & Clank PS4 game, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Day of the Tentacle and the surprisingly-informative JAS Townsend & Sons historical re-enactors’ catalogue.

In The Geek Week News In Review: The Doctor Strange trailer, the new Japanese Godzilla trailer, will the new Star Trek be a seasonal anthology?, who are Rey’s parents?, the potential horror of a live-action Pokemon movie, Hollywood’s attempt to whitewash (and then yellow-face) the Ghost in the Shell movie, and Andrew Jackson getting booted off the $20 bill.

  • Intro: Alexander Hamilton – Lin-Manuel Miranda
  • Break: Grapefruit Moon – Tom Waits
  • Outro: A Good Man Is Hard To Find – Tom Waits

Episode 218 – I’m A Rebel


Anne’s back (with Foley in tow), so we’re catching up with the Rogue One trailer, Miitomo, Portland’s new QuarterWorld arcade/bar and the Cate Blanchett Queen Elizabeth films.

In The Geek Week News In Review: the hour-long Zootopia documentary that just debuted on Youtube, the hidden tell in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! that took gamers 30 years to discover, the end of Wii U manufacturing, more FLCL incoming, the upcoming “Alien Day“, the summer return of Steven Universe and the reuniting of the old MST3K crew.

  • Intro: Rogue One (trailer music) – Alexander Desplat?
  • Break: Eyes on Mii (Mii Tomo Grooves) – DJ Cutman
  • Outro: Welcome to my Room (Mii Tomo Grooves) – DJ Cutman